Welcome To EnzymatiX


EnzymatiX is dedicated to producing cost-effective and efficient enzymes/enzyme systems for use in biofuels, paper and pulp industry, animal nutrition, starch and textile industries. We are involved in the discovery, molecular engineering, characterization and production of unique enzymes from fungus and other eukaryotic organisms found in nature.
The promise of renewable energy is constantly evolving with the ever-increasing demand towards meeting the energy needs of the world. Dwindling oil reserves coupled with environmental concerns are the driving forces behind the need to look for alternative source of energy in nature. Lignocellulosic biomass is one such natural source of abundant energy on earth with a tremendous potential for bioconversion. In nature, many microorganisms including bacteria and fungi live on natural lignocellulosics; however the complexity of the lignocellulosic matrix makes it recalcitrant to complete degradation by microorganisms. A consortium of different enzymatic activities from multiple organisms is required to completely break down cell wall polymers to release the constituent sugars. Our patent-pending technology is dedicated to over produce novel enzymes or “cocktail” of enzymes to break down complex lignocelluloses into simple sugars without any harsh chemical pretreatment. We seek to harness the power of the microbes existing in nature to build a robust technological platform for production of biofuels and biobased products. Our enthusiastic, highly skilled and dynamic team can also partner with you to provide research tools for detection of enzymes using fluorescent labeled substrates